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We're here to serve you!

We provide a quality hot beverage service to whoever comes along from 7am-11am, Tuesdays through to Thursdays from our church premises. We don’t specifically charge for our drinks but rather seek to be wildly generous and patrons can do as they desire in response. NewDay Coffee is open to NewDay Kids families, staff, NewDay Church members and anyone else who comes by.

While we only serve coffee between 7am-11am, patrons are welcome to stay longer into the day as desired.

Using our space well...

You are welcome to take away your order otherwise you can take in the greenery from our decking, enjoy a walk on the property or relax inside in our lounge. There is also space and toys for those with children as well as a basketball court around the side if some energy needs to be used! Anyone loving our space well is welcomed for as long as they like  ❤️

Why did we start?

We were wanting to bless our childcare staff with random coffee vouchers but realised there wasn’t a convenient coffee venue on the way to or home from work for staff. As we consider what it could look like to provide that service ourselves we saw our childcare parents often in a bustle dropping off their kids each morning and thought that this would add value to their stressful mornings without asking much of them. From there we knew we had something that could be appreciated by many more people and set about from that point to see how we could serve our community in this way and the rest they say is history!

What we hope for...

Beyond providing fantastic coffee to appreciative people, our hope is to see:
– Busy people take a few extra minutes for themselves in their day
– Our gorgeous property breathe relaxation and peace into hearts
– Something greater discovered as others encounter authentic community