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Looking After People Well

NewDay Church is committed to the safety and wellbeing of all people, especially those who are seen as vulnerable in our society. We oppose any kind of abuse or harm and hurt deeply with people who have been impacted by actions which poorly represent God’s ideals and His Church. We therefore make every effort to provide an environment of safety and support for all people in our church family, from our youngest to our oldest.

Safe Church Team

Our Safe Church Team is in place as the first point of contact for anyone with a concern about anything in the life of our church. These team members are approachable and will listen to your concern and then, where appropriate, put into action any measures or processes to deal with the concern. Any of our church community is encouraged to speak to any one of our Safe Church Team.

Our Church Safe Team can be contacted at
[email protected]

Wollongong Church of Christ Pastors

Jono Prince

Lead Pastor

Kris Pomery

Nicole Sullivan

Training and Expectations

Creating Safe Spaces

All employees and volunteers who may find themselves in any responsibility or leadership among children and elderly have been trained in the Creating Safe Spaces course and it is updated every 3 years. This is done to ensure that everybody in our care is looked after well and that our people can provide the best care.

Working With Children Checks

We also require all employees and volunteers who may exercise responsibility or leadership over people under the age of 18 to hold a current Working With Childrens Check.

Covid Protocols

We recognise the health risks that Covid-19 presents to our community and always seek to meet any government restrictions and guidelines. We keep an up-to-date Covid-19 Safety Plan which is available to anyone accessing our building.

Additional Expectations

As a Church we also have various guidelines, codes of conducts and expectations for people serving in different capacities within our church ministries, each written specifically for particular fields of service. These expectations also need to be met by their corresponding teams so that participants and leadership are best looked after.

Policies and Procedures

Safe Church Policy

Volunteer, Leaders and Staff Covenant

Under 18 Screening Questionnaire

Over 18 Screening Questionnaire

Volunteer Screening Interview

Procedure for Handling Complaints Against Staff and Volunteers

Procedure for Conflict Resolution