We will stand with the poor and outcast. We will reach more communities to help them escape and remain free from spiritual and financial poverty.


We will be the church for thousands of people desperate for much more than tired religion – filling with people who actually want real and honest relationship with Jesus and others


We will exist to go to people who are honestly searching for an authentic connection with Jesus.


We will be overflowing with young families, filled with young people, teeming with children and release our faith-filled and committed core to strengthen, equip and empower these generations.


We will become known for our high quality small businesses, which give NewDay credibility, relevancy and trust in our community.


We will become known as a place where Jesus works in un-manipulated power bringing deep and lasting change in people’s lives and a relationally healthy church.


We will be led and organised by greater numbers of highly gifted leaders and administrators of godly character who will enable our vision.

NewDay is a community that has been called and empowered to be the ongoing work and presence of Jesus wherever we are.