Transformational Church

We believe that God is calling our church to a new and exciting future. Never has our church had such an opportunity to reimagine the possibilities of what God can achieve through our faith community.

What is it?

NewDay has been invited to join a ‘Transformational Church Cohort’. This Cohort consists of 3 – 4 Fresh Hope aligned churches from across NSW who have a desire to transform their current thinking, practices and pathways and deliberately align themselves with God’s intended purpose and direction for them. These churches are undertaking this journey together and independently at the same time. Our common goal is transformation but what that looks like will be different for each church. Our collaborative efforts in this space will foster support, sharing and an ongoing sense that we are not alone on the journey toward transformation.

We have gathered a team of current and emerging leaders to represent NewDay in the cohort.

This page will have the latest updates and minutes from our journey.