WorldChangers is NewDay’s implementation of a robust vision for social and spiritual fairness.  NewDay believes that by developing relational partnerships with some of the most ignored and unsupported indigenous leaders in both Australian and Asia, we can change the world.  Since 2008 NewDay has raised and released more than $600 000 dollars to this end.  None of these financial resources have been discharged for the purpose of running NewDay church operations, but rather to:


  • Deliver an Inner City Meals program to some of the most struggling in our local community
  • Provide a person 1 day a week to help support, through a Breakfast Club, Chess Club and lunch-time activities, the Farmborough Rd Primary School
  • Develop and provide anti-bullying and self-esteem seminars for our local high schools
  • Purchase land, housing, food, schooling and job opportunities for some of the poorest in Sri Lanka
  • Provide medical and dental help and resources for some of the poorest villages around Bacolod City in the Philippines


NewDay is currently researching and aiming to develop partnerships with indigenous leaders in a largely Aboriginal community in far Western NSW, and with a church-planter in Bangladesh.