NewDay fully believes in building and leaving a very healthy and empowered legacy.  One day those most invested in NewDay and their leaders will have run their race, but not before developing and empowering the next generations of leaders.  FiredUp is a 2-year dedicated leadership course aimed at enlisting, equipping and releasing young leaders.  Over a 2-year period the course will focus on developing:


  • A healthy self-esteem and awareness for all contexts of life
  • A understanding of a persons unique personality, strengths, weaknesses and gifting
  • A knowledge and practice of Spiritual Disciplines
  • The ability to lead NewDay Strategic Anchors and Vision
  • Key leadership thinking and skills
  • Basic Biblical interpretation and application for all contexts of life

Without a robust inner-life the out-life of leadership will eventually fail – Jesus-centered character is everything

We don’t want to just produce leaders for the church, but for society overall