Community Life


Bible study is not the only important priority for life groups at NewDay. Some of the other core purposes for attending a life group are to develop meaningful friendships, find genuine belonging and to use the power of that authentic community to serve the group’s local neighbourhood for Jesus.

NewDay has 10 LifeGroups in central and southern Wollongong.


Prayer is the very life-stream of NewDay church.  We would not be able to support, grow, enable, serve or see into our future without it.  There are many ‘unorganized’ prayer groups at NewDay, but at NewDay’s facility on Sunday afternoons at 5pm there is an organized prayer community easily accessible for anyone.


Our vision for our care team is to help people navigate through the difficult times in their lives, and to offer extra support. While we encourage and believe pastoral care best happens within our LifeGroup and friendship networks, we also have a dedicated team of people who provide visits to those in hospital and at home, care for the grieving, conduct funerals, provide in-home communion and practical support for people of all generations


We live in a world defined by its call for us to “do” more, to achieve more, to “get somewhere”. Jesus calls us to simply “be” with Him – to stay connected with him in the midst of life’s daily demands. Retreats are an intentional way that we can step aside from our normal routines and choose to “be” with Jesus. Through retreats we are providing a different kind of context through which authentic intimacy with Jesus can grow. NewDay is about building a culture of ‘being apprentices to Jesus’ so that we follow him well. Participating in regular retreats is one of the ways NewDay is growing that culture.


Mentoring is all about believing in the incredible potential of others. Our skilled mentors enlist, train and release other emerging mentors to come alongside other people for a purpose. That purpose is fuelled by the desire to enable, empower, and equip people to reach their God-given potential, and to encourage radical and deep transformation to happen. Our mentors are everyday followers of Jesus who want to invest in the lives of others.