Update from Cambodia

Update from Cambodia

Dearest Friends and Family,
I miss you all so much!! I am disappointed that I could not get to see you this year, but hopefully travelling will get easier next year and I can come back. So much has happened this year, and although it has been a difficult year for every person and country, God has also done some amazing work. In my last letter I mentioned that something big was going to happen, I wasn’t fully sure at the time what it was I just knew that God was going to do something big and new and exciting, and he seemed to do it all at the same time. I have used this year to learn and study online. I have studied a few leadership courses, inner healing courses, and for the last 3 months a crash course in the bible through YWAM Penang in Malaysia. I was able to read and learn about each book of the bible in this 3 months, and I feel I am closer to God and know him more, it gave me afresh hunger for his word and has made me seek him and his kingdom and revelation. I graduated on Friday the 11th with 96% I got an A grade! Through these courses, and also the 1month of prayer I told you all about in my last letter, I was able to find other like minded women, who had a heart to start women’s ministry in the villages.

First Women’s Seminar

On the 28th of November we had our very first women’s seminar in the village of Srei Noy. This is the village that I plan to move to next year. It was so awesome! We had 84 or 86 women come. We shared to them about healthcare and about how to protect from Covid, then I shared about identity and how to fight for your identity and purpose, we had another woman share her testimony and another share on overcoming fear. A few of the ladies wanted prayer after for healing of things in their hearts and for empowerment. It was really a beautiful time. We will be running more of these programs next year and I will be starting women’s bible studies in the villages. Also in this time, our base director stood down and has now left YWAM to go home to the US. We are very grateful for all his work. I got asked to be one of the leadership team in the base. There are 7 of us in this leadership team, I am in charge of teams, new staff and visitors, also helping get the new base set up, so it is more live-able and can be used as a training centre. If any of you would like to receive the base updates as well, let me know. They will contain what all of our ministries are doing.

Prayer Points

Thank you all for your, love, support and prayers. I love you all so much and am so grateful for your support and love for me. I hope I can come home next year and meet with you all, I want to try and come either mid year or end of year.
So for prayer requests, please pray that I can come next year to see you all. Pray for my new ministry, that it will grow and the women will become strong in their identities and in God.
Pray for my move to the village, I think it will be a difficult adjustment. Also please keep the base in your prayers, especially in this time of transition.

Sam <3

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