Update from NewDay Kids

Update from NewDay Kids

From Centre Director: Louise <3

During the past few months the world has been turned upside down due to the outbreak of COVID. But praise God, it has had minimal impact on the children, families and staff here at NewDay Kids.   

We have had to make a few changes to the day-to-day running, but overall it has been minimal compared to other services around the nation. We have implemented an action plan, risk assessment and developed new policies and procedures specific to COVID to ensure our children, staff and families remain safe during this time, but everyone has adapted quickly and efficiently.  

Parents now drop off and pick up their children at the front door to minimise the amount of people coming into the centre. Children and staff are required to do a temperature check every morning before entering, visitors to the centre has also been halted. They have been minor changes, but necessary for the health and safety of everyone here at NewDay Kids. 

The children and families have adjusted to this transition really well. We can thank our amazing staff for the love and care they demonstrate each and every day to ensure the children feel safe and secure in our learning environment. 

Unfortunately, we have had to cancel a number of events due to COVID, including our staff ‘Christmas in July’ party, visiting performing artists we had booked in for the children, our end of year NewDay Kids Christmas party and we have also had to make a change as to how we will be doing our Graduation ceremony at the end of the year, it will now be online! 

On a positive note, all of our children were very excited to hand over the gifts they made their Dad/Poppy/Grandpa/Carer for Father’s Day. This, coupled with the Father’s Day gift NewDay Church provided for our families, (which consisted of homemade fudge and a personalised painted rock from ‘Rob’s Rocks’) was greatly appreciated by the families! 🙂 

We value the thoughtfulness, effort and time that NewDay Church put into such a lovely gift. 

We are very delighted that our centre has remained at 100% capacity this year with 2021 enrolments already filled with current children and their new siblings 🙂

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