World Changers Update

World Changers Update

August 2020

Our usual World Changers Lunch/Dinner is currently on postponed due to COVID environment and our annual World Changers missions month will be in September this year.

— Reports from the Philippines, “that members of terrorist group are surrendering to God and the government”. Roper is “teaching and helping our men’s brethren to build a fish pond so they will have a source of food in times of crisis.”  Continue to pray for protection and good health for family and team, for the provision of food (to feed ex-rebels and their families ) and for a closer water supply. 

— If you are interested in joining with Southern Church mission visit to Dareton from 25/9 – 1/10 (COVID restrictions permitting) have a chat to Felix. 

— Bushfires seem in the distant past but we have had thanks for the money of support which we were able to send. A new home is being set up for the family. 

World Changers is still ‘zooming’ along supporting people in Cambodia. Philippines, Africa, Dareton (NSW), Myuna Way (food van), South Coast (bush fires) etc.  Due to COVID, the food van is not operating at the moment and may be a good opportunity to have the van painted & New Day has made the offer to provide the money to have this done. The committee has been planning for World Changers month.

Despite the mouth watering food suggestions and the proposed usage of masks and gloves we have come to the sad conclusion that our proposed lunch on Sept 20th will be postponed.

June 2020

2019/20 has brought major crises both local and international. Drought, bushfires, earthquakes, cyclones and pandemics have devastated property and disrupted lives. Through your generosity, the World Changers Committee has been able to provide financial support to victims of these natural disasters as well as continue to meet our commitments to ongoing mission activities in the Philippines, Sam in Cambodia, Thailand (Trade Off – Sweet Sorrows), Rwanda (Refugee Support) and the local Food Van.

During the three months to May over $12,000 has been distributed and a further $7,000 committed. Full year distribution will total more than $67,000.

Recent commitments include $5,000 to the Dareton Indigenous Community to assist with their purchase and renovation of the property they currently rent for mission purposes, and $2,000 to assist the recovery and rebuild after Cyclone Harold devastated Vanuatu in April.

World Changers continues to bring relief and hope to those in need and support to those in mission. Thank you for your life-changing contribution. 

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