Margo and Bruce’s Story

Margo and Bruce’s Story

How have you been going through this time?

We’ve been going really well but struggling not being able to hug people when we meet them. 

What has God been saying to you in this season?

Trust in him. Teaching patience.  Realising that God has a plan. 

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

Walking together daily. Margo….Doing strengthening exercises and stretching. Bruce is reading more. 

How have you been connecting with God?

We love our morning prayers together. Meditation. 

How have you been connecting with the people around you?

We’ve still been in physical contact with family after the initial isolation so back on babysitting duties. We love it and we’re so glad to cuddle them again. 

What is your hope in this time of trial?

That the family and their jobs won’t be affected and their health. 

What encouragement would you like to give our Church Family right now?

Support each other how you can. Think positive. Know that God has our church family in his care and protection. 

Is there any way our Church Family can pray for or support you right now?

We are doing ok. We’re lucky to have each other. We enjoy our peaceful life. 

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