The Chittick’s Story

The Chittick’s Story

Things are going ok on the Chittick farm at the moment. The rain has brought beautiful grass and the cows are slowly putting on condition and starting to increase production. Our herd numbers are still down but that should hopefully start to improve soon too. We are just trying to get through winter and are looking forward to hopefully getting a good amount of hay from our feeder farm this year in spring which will make a huge difference to us.

It was quite a hole we have ended up in over the last couple of years but we feel
like we might just be pulling in the right direction again.

In reality the drought has been a much greater source of stress than Covid is proving to be. It has affected our milk price marginally due to many cafes and restaurants having to close and volatile export markets but not hugely. So life has pretty much been business as usual! Someone forgot to tell the cows there was a virus and they keep turning up to get milked! Ha ha! In fact Brett has been even busier – if that was possible – as the rain meant a few extra contracting jobs so he was really flat out. It didn’t help that our son Jacob had gone out west to work on a large pastoral farm for a few months so poor Brett was doing it all. He actually said he wouldn’t mind a bit of iso! Ha ha.

We are so grateful to have safely arrived to this point and we have not forgotten that it is largely due to wonderful people like yourselves that have truly helped to get us this far. We’re not out of the woods yet and who knows what the future will bring but today we are in a better position and we have some hope back and less stress so thanks be to God!

We hope you have all faired ok during this crazy period. We have been thinking of you all and wondering how you are all going too. We have been praying for you all and our country and world.

NewDay has been partnering with this South Coast farming family through the drought as part of our World Changers initiative.

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