Leatitie’s Story

Leatitie’s Story

How have you been coping with physical distancing?

When the schools and churches closed, I started working two days from home and two days at school. The people that I work with are lovely and we tried really hard to keep social distancing.

What have you been struggling with?

This time is really hard for me because am A full time uni student who also has language difficulties so studying online has been challenging for me as I am the kind of person who likes face to face learning. Staying at home not being able to go to church, not visiting my friends was really hard but I thank God for giving me good friends who were able to keep me going.

What God has been saying to you in this season?

God has been saying to me “My child do not worry as am God of miracles and God who provide all your needs”. There was a time where I wanted to withdraw from one of my subjects because it was really hard to do online, but I couldn’t because it’s a pre requisite for the subject that I want to do in spring. I prayed asking God to give me strength and I remembered a verse in James 4:26 that says “You do not have because you do not ask God”. He answered my prayer and here I am at the end of semester I really thank God for that.

What have you been doing to keep you yourself busy?

I have been working as well as studying and talking to my friends and family a lot. I attend a bible study every Saturday morning. I also learnt how to cook a lot of things

How have you been connecting with God?

My friend and I decided to read the book of Luke am still reading it. I haven’t finish it but am getting there. God has been speaking to me a lot during this time especially. I have been watching a preacher called Devon Franklin as well as attending church online and praying.

How have you been connecting with the people around you?

I have been connecting with my friends and Family through Zoom, Facebook and Whatsapp.

What is your hope for this trial?

I hope everything goes back to normal as I miss going to church and I also miss everyone’s smiling face.

What encouragement would you like to give our church family right now?

I want to encourage everyone do not worry, keep praying, God is able and we will go through this together. There is nothing that God cannot do. I am the kind of person who used to worry a lot but during this season I have learnt to not worry – and it’s working for me. So please do the same as God says ‘Do not worry I am God who provides, I will provide all your needs’. Church family God is not sleeping he can hear all our prayers, all he needs from us is to trust him and to be patient.

Is there any away our church family can pray for or support you right now?

I want you to help me with prayers as my friend’s family in Africa is under demonic attack. I want everyone to pray for them as it is very common in the community where my parents live.

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