Daniel’s Story

Daniel’s Story

How have you been coping with physical distancing?

For me personally, social distancing has come at a time that has been very inconvenient for me as I have felt that with certain things that I have been struggling with, I’ve needed to have people around me and obviously isolation hasn’t been ideal for that. It has also affected my uni work also as everything thing is online and administratively, things are slow in the uni.

What has God been saying to you in this season?

I believe that God has been revealing a new normal to me. Isolation has had me thinking about what normal really is and we hear people saying “I can’t wait for things to get back to normal” but I don’t think that is what we, as the church are being called into. I think God is redefining normal and I think that God’s normal is far better than the things we have “called” normal in the past.

What have you been struggling with?

For me the hardest thing has been dealing with the feeling of feeling isolated, ironically. I have really felt as though I’ve needed the counsel of people in my life and I haven’t been able to have that in the ways that I have felt I’ve needed it however, it has lead me to more firmly rely on God even when I have no idea what’s going on or what’s next for me.

What is your hope in this time of trial?

My hope is that we would never go back to old way of church. I think church has been redefined in this season. It’s not a building, its a people. Church isn’t restricted to 4 walls and I hope we never go back to the old ways of just going through the motions, that everyday day we would see Gods hands in everything and that come our Sunday meets for church, we would be coming expectant to be change and challenged every week

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