He is MY shepherd…

He is MY shepherd…

Counsellors, Clinical psychologists and life coaches are talking more and more about routines that help in todays shifting and changing world. Things like balancing a plan for the day with exercise, work, time out, connecting via phone, skype etc etc with friends.

They identify our reactions, like anger, fear, sadness, but at some time recognising a better side of things to some extent. Like slowing down, reevaluating time use, life priorities, getting some tasks completed at home, etc.

One thing is clear, our hope for better days rises and falls according to what we see on the news, what we dwell on, what we experience…

Scripture years ago stated the obvious to us today, ”As a person thinks in their heart…so are they”

The computer world uses the term GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. What we feed our minds on will to a large extent be seen in our lives, conversation, actions.

An obvious and sad example of that was  back in 1960, S.Aust freed up availability of pornography. You could purchase it at the local store. I know, I lived there for 12 mths at that time!

At exactly same time Queensland outlawed any pornography. Within a short time SA experienced more than 170% increase of sexually related crime. In Qld meanwhile, there was a drastic drop in sexually related crime.

What our mind dwells on does affect our actions!

Three groups of basketballers were selected. One group would do no practise at all. Another group practised  , while a third group were only to think about the process of shooting goals without touching a basketball. Surprisingly, it was the latter group, when put to the test far outperformed the others.

What the mind dwells on affects our actions.

In sports psychology it’s well known some athletes freeze in big moments or events while others thrive. One group thinks about the event and the importance, they freeze, (like stage fright), the other thinks about the process, what they need to do step by step to excel and they perform well.

I have personally witnessed this at elite level.

What we allow our mind to dwell on affects for good or bad our actions.

In these days of change the Christian has an overwhelming advantage in life. If we choose to reflect, meditate and seek what God say, we have positive feed into our lives.

Read Psalm 23 and slowly, ask what does each phrase mean to us today? It’s a huge blessing! The Lord, HE is my shepherd. Whats that mean? What does shepherd do? What does that mean?

He is MY shepherd!! What impact does that have for me.  Consider verse 4, “walk through the darkest valley” note that, “walk through”. So what? See what follows.

Have a look at Isaiah 41:10, go to Joshua 1:1-9, see the instruction and promises (A  situation of great change and uncertainty…somewhat like our day).

Allow our mind to dwell on these scriptures and be encouraged. God is still at work.



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