Mothers Day

Mothers Day

We honour and appreciate mothers this day. We are thankful. How they made a difference- here are some examples.

A Mothers Arms
There was a teenager who didn’t want to be seen in public with her mother, because her mothers arms were terribly disfigured. 
One day when took her shopping and reached out her hand, a clerk looked horrified. Later, crying the the girl told her how embarrassed she was. Understandably hurt, the mother waited an hour before going into the daughters room to tell her, for the first time, what happened.
When you were a baby, I woke up to a burning house. Your room was an inferno. Flames were everywhere. I could have gotten out the front door, but I decided I’d rather die with you than leave you to die alone. I ran through the fire and wrapped my arms around you. Then I went back through the flames, my arms on fire. When I got outside on the lawn, the pain was agonising but when I looked at you, all I could do was rejoice that the flames hadn’t touched you. 
Stunned, the girl looked at her mother through new eyes. Weeping in shame and gratitude, she kissed her mothers marred hands and arms.

You Don’t Know My Mother
A teacher asked a boy this question…
“Suppose your mother baked a pie and there were seven of you – your parents and five children.
What part of the pie would you get?”
“A sixth,” replied the boy.
“I’m afraid you don’t know your fractions,” said the teacher. “Remember , there are seven of you.”
“Yes, teacher,” replied the boy, “but you don’t know my mother. Mother would say she didn’t want any pie.”

Monica, Mother Of Augustine
Monica, mother of Augustine, prayed for years that her brilliant but undisciplined son would be saved. when she sought the council of her priest, he listened as she pour out her heart of love and her intercession for this prodigal. At the conclusion, the priest said, “Go on! leave me alone. Live as you are living. It is not possible that the son of such tears should be lost.” (I think when a mothers prayers arrive in Heaven, they go to the head of the line. When Hannah gave birth to her baby, she was so thrilled that God heard her prayers, she named her child Samuel – literally, in the Hebrew, it means: “Heard of God.” His very name proclaimed that God had heard his mother’s prayers!)
You know the Augustine story. Monica prayed that he would not go to Rome, which was then a wicked place. But he slipped away and went anyway…and came to Christ there.

Yes, we’re thankful for memories and experiences of good caring, Godly mothers. 
Have a great day!

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