Hayden’s Story

Hayden’s Story

How have you been coping with social distancing?

I generally spend a lot of my time at home and I’m very used to spending time alone so initially I didn’t think I would struggle with social distancing. That has turned out not to be the case. Although I am used to spending time alone, I’ve found I really cherished the time I got to spend with people each week. Thankfully, I’m remembering all of the ways to stay in touch with people online and that’s making things a lot easier. 

What have you been struggling with?

Besides not being able to see people as much, I’d the thing I’ve been struggling with the most has been keeping track of everything. With all of the changes we’ve all had to make and the franticness that came along with that, it was like I lost a week and it completely throw off my routine. I’m only now, after a couple of weeks getting back into the rhythm of things.

What has God been saying to you in this season?

In my life there has been a recurrent message that I have received from God: “I am always with you, and I’ll never leave. This is another time where those words are coming through strong. Along with this, there has been a call into delving deeper, to not waste the extra time that I have, but to use it to get closer to him.

How have you been connecting with God?

Along with the different things I was already doing regularly, there are two ways that I’ve been connecting with God. The first of which is walking, or more importantly what I’ve been doing while I walk. Along with getting some exercise in and getting outside for a while, during my walks I have been listening to sermons and/or worship music. It’s been a real privilege to be able to take a couple hours each week and really engage with a new sermon, or listen to a song that I may have heard many times before but have a lyric hit in a whole new way. The second way I’ve been connecting with God, is to simply sit in silence and listen. This is a practice I try and do regularly, but often fall out of the habit as I get swept up in the commotion of everyday life. This was something I really felt God was asking me to do during this time though, so I’ve been persisting with it. 

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

Thankfully I’m still working 2 days a week, so that helps fill in some time. Along with that, I’ve been helping the church as we move online more and more during this time. Other than these, the ways I’ve been filling in my time haven’t changed all that much. I’ve been playing a lot of video games, watching movies and TV shows, reading, painting miniatures and trying to catch up with people as much as I can.


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