Shawn’s Story

Shawn’s Story

How have you been coping with social distancing?photo of shawn

Well I am a social creature so not being with people (other than my beautiful family) has been a bit of a challenge but also a bit of a blessing.  It has been really nice to spend some extended time with my usually very busy kids and wife, but I do miss catching up with friends and my weekly breakfast with Dave S.

What have you been struggling with?

I’m working from home now so keeping on top of things and keeping up my motivation has been a challenge.  Caitlin too is studying from home so there are lots of lessons and meetings and technology issues but we are getting there.

It is very easy to get a bit lethargic and just laze around so I need to get a bit more active.  It’s not like there isn’t enough to do around the house though so I think I need a couple of projects.

What has God been saying to you in this season?

In all this uncertainty and upheaval, God is still on His throne and still in control.  He knows the plans he has for us and I’m confident He will make a way for us.  I am more and more convinced that God is reminding us that church is not a building, or a program or traditions.  His church is embodied in His people!  That’s US!  We need to grasp the reality that God wants to partner with us as people, not a building to bring about His purposes. 

How have you been connecting with God?

I have found comfort in silence.  With all the bad news stories and doom and gloom commentary, it has been good to just spend some time just being quiet.  In times of strife it can be hard to hear the still small voice but it’s even harder if you don’t make an effort to just be quiet.  

Is there any way our Church Family can pray for or support you right now?

I have felt the weight of leadership upon my during these last 18 months.  I carry a love burden for our church and its people and just want to see people come to know God in real and personal ways.  In team with others, I have been forced to make some hard decisions that impact the whole church and I need your prayers for a supernatural wisdom. Pray that God will guide my thinking and my decisions and that He will bring unity to the leadership team in the weeks and months ahead.  


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