Sarah’s Story

Sarah’s Story

How have you been coping with social distancing?photo of sarah

I’m a classic introvert, so I thought it wouldn’t be much of a change to my normal routine. Typically, I spend my spare time at home anyway, so at first it seemed like it would be a much-needed break. But within the first few days, I realised just how much I valued being able to go out and spend time with my friends.

What have you been struggling with?

The complete change in routine! I had both uni and work close on the same day, and I haven’t known what to do with myself. I hadn’t been getting many shifts at work for the last few months as it was, but having them shut completely has been quite confronting. But having so much spare time, and not being able to use it to catch up with friends has been just about driving me insane.

What has God been saying to you in this season?

On our transformation team’s recent weekend away, I had a word from God telling me that I was made to love the people around me. And initially I struggled with that, asking God how I was supposed to love the people close to me when I’m not allowed to be with them. But through my own struggles of spending days on end just wishing I had someone to talk to other than my parents (sorry mum and dad), I found that so many people just need someone to talk to, and to vent out their frustrations about the new world we’re living in. So God’s been challenging me to be available in that way.

What have you been doing to keep yourself busy?

I’ve been watching more Netflix than I’d probably care to admit… But other than that, it’s given me time to do more of the things I love that I usually don’t make time for. I’ve been learning new songs on the piano, reading, and making myself exercise a lot more than usual so that I can actually get out of the house.

What is your hope in this time of trial?

I hope that it means that I never take the simple things in life for granted again. I never realised how important it was to me just to be able to leave the house, and not have to worry about if it was for a good enough reason. Simple things like going to a restaurant for dinner, or watching a movie with friends used to be something I did regularly and didn’t think much of. Now, more than anything, I want to be able to gather my friends, and sit down to have a meal together. I hope that once this time of social distancing passes, that a sense of community will be so much more prevalent in our lives than before.


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