Michelle’s Story

Michelle’s Story

How have you been coping with social distancing?

To be honest the introvert in me is quite enjoying it. I have been working partly from home and partly in the office and am loving the working from home where I don’t get phone calls and can just smash out some work. I feel more productive but do miss going to ask people questions as I have been in this job less than 6 months.

As far as being at home the rest of the time, again it suits me just fine. No pressure to go anywhere and we have been having quite a lot of family board game nights which we have all enjoyed. I think that our puppy Django is loving it too.

What have you been struggling with?

So far just the workload with my job since we are working from home at least a couple of days a week, my inbox is full. Also when you are working from home it is often more difficult to switch off and I do have a tendency to just keep working.

What has God been saying to you in this season?

I think the main thing that God has impressed upon me is that he is in control. I actually feel a sense of peace at the moment even though David and I both have family members who are ill. The things that are happening are out of our control but it is important that we still engage with one another and care for one another. I actually think this will be an extremely positive time for our church. Now is the time to step out of our comfort zone and try something different. What is it that God is calling you to do during this time?

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