Greg’s Story

Greg’s Story

 How did you first come to our church?

It was my daughter Jess who said to me Easter 2012 that she felt she had to go to church. She couldn’t explain the feeling. We came to the church on the Thursday afternoon. I met Luke and said “I want to go to a church that all about Jesus. Luke puffed his chest out and said “it certainly is” and I said “that will do me”.

What happened for you on that Easter weekend?

It was not like a bolt of lightning. It was a slow process. I have always believed in Jesus. I kept thinking I have got to start going to church and Jesus has been feeding me rations ever since, not just throwing the whole turkey at me.

How has this been a new day for you?

My eyes are starting to open. I am starting to see people differently now. Where I used to think people should be punished for wrong things they do, now I see they need Jesus. They need to be saved. I never thought I would see that in other people. I’ve found myself praying for people who hurt me and I have been able to forgive them.

Recently your nephew died in a tragic accident. How has Jesus helped you through this difficult time?

I just hung onto Jesus like I was three years old, like I would have held onto my mum or dad. It was the only place I could go. I also got through with the help of a lot of people in the church, praying for me.

In what ways is Jesus now a part of your everyday life?

For one thing, Jesus is never far from my thoughts. When something difficult arises I now sometimes ask myself “What would Jesus do?” When I do something wrong I feel a lot worse for doing it, as before I didn’t care so much. I now think about how I could have gone about it in a different way – a bit like getting busted by your father while pinching something! Now when I
see an alcoholic that’s lost and wretched, or a drug addict that’s got no hope, I say to myself “that poor bugger needs Jesus!” Before I accepted Jesus into my heart I would say they needed to be locked away. I talk to Jesus more now and sometimes ask Him silly questions and wait for His reply. Sometimes He doesn’t answer me (maybe He thinks “What a dorky thing to ask”). But other times He shows me the answer in different ways that only I can understand.

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